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about jase


One of my personal goals and deepest desires is to make a point to genuinely hear and see people. Everyone craves being known whether they realize it on a conscious level or not. One of my favorite things to do is sit down with people and have intentional, honest, and vulnerable conversations. That’s such a gift. So often we go through life thinking we’re the only ones experiencing heartache or longing or fear or confusion, when in reality, we’re all walking around feeling the same things. There are core threads of the human experience that are the same across the board and I want my music to linger in those threads. I want people to see themselves in the lyrics or hear their heartbeats in the notes and realize someone else in the world has felt or lived or questioned the same things they have. The nature of life makes it impossible to have one-on-one conversations with everyone, but music provides an avenue to break through barriers and reach a multitude of people.

As an artist, I’m pouring my soul into my music. It’s my lifeblood. You’ll hear my passions, my fears, my questions, my struggles – and my joy. All of it shows up, either in the lyrics or the emotion of the instruments. It becomes difficult to separate myself from my music, and that’s okay. When we let down our guard, we invite other people in. We invite them to experience us and bond over common ground. It’s my hope that in experiencing my music, you feel invited in to the most real and raw parts of my story. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about: all of our stories and how they weave together to write the greatest story of all.


upcoming shows

August 26th @ Cafe Agape – Tullahoma, TN

September 15th @ Beer Werks – Paducah, KY

September 16th @ Heritage Festival – Cowan, TN

September 20th @ Crying Wolf – Nashville, TN